From the classic ear hole to genital piercing, we will fulfill (almost *) every piercing dream!
Since our work is hygienically perfect and sterile, of course, we pierce each piercing with the disposable needle and sterilize the tools in the autoclave after the ultrasonic bath.
For health and hygienic reasons, we never work with a pistol and * reject certain (extreme) customer requests, as the health of our customers is very important to us and there are trends that tend to visually change or worsen in retrospect. We would be happy to advise you on this.
We have received extensive training and certification so that you can feel completely safe with us!

We only use sterilized jewelry made of G23 titanium for initial use. Titan G23 is nickel-free, low in allergies and very well tolerated. Without exception, we keep this simple, ie without any "bells and whistles", such as rhinestones. Because the simpler and smoother your jewelry, the more hygienic and the more hygienic, the better the healing. We recommend every customer to use other jewelry only after the healing phase and consequently to resort to titanium G23 again in the event of any allergic reactions (changes in the pierced area).