Trace your eyebrows in a stressful morning, emerge like a panda from the pool, lipstick on your teeth? Does not have to be!
Permanent make-up underlines your beauty, saves a lot of time and lets you enjoy life carefree in everyday life, at work and on vacation. In addition, blemishes can be optimally compensated for.

We do not offer microblading as this method of "scratching" the skin tends to cause scarring. For example, we draw fine hairs with a special PMU device (similar to a tattoo machine) or shade the red of the lips with the needle. The needle penetrates less than a millimeter into the skin and thus stands out clearly from a real tattoo, in which the color is stabbed into the second layer of skin. Such a cosmetic procedure, like a tattoo, is a (targeted) injury to the body - therefore we cannot guarantee an exact time of the durability, since every person has different speeds for wound healing and regeneration and thus the color is broken down by the body at different speeds . We therefore have a relatively large shelf life - mostly between 1-2 years. A Pigmentation with the needle lasts longer on average than a microblading.