"Is that also available in your size ?!"

A saying that everyone has probably heard before. Whether you were wearing something too tight or swam in your clothes - let's be honest - women are rarely spared. And exactly because that's the way it is: we fuck it!

We are looking for the most unusual and coolest used clothes for you. The size is of course totally short to us. We buy everything from xxs-xxxxl that we can get our hands on and that looks good. Since we don't have a piece several times, or even in several sizes, it can happen that it happens: you fall in love. Head over heels. And it's a stroke of luck - exactly your size. The ideal vintage dream story. Snap!

But what if it is beautiful, but actually much too big? Or maybe you are too much Sarah to want to wear David's clothes and still - this men's top has done it to you.

We understand that and can still reassure you. Because in fashion everything is allowed that YOU like.

So grab your shirt or shirt even if (or just because ) it is (estimated) too big. Since our fashion comes from a bygone era and possibly from another country, it is also good to know that a given size of the garment may no longer correspond to the usual measurements known to us today. A blouse or shirt in size 42 can therefore sometimes easily be worn by today's 36 (S / M) and seems as if it is actually a 36 in a deliberately oversized look. Orientate yourself best to our "models" in the shop. Shirts, for example, can be easily knotted tightly at the front. Belts or fanny packs are tailored and are super stylish. Also works on jackets and coats.

Small women even have the advantage that they can convert any shirt, shirt or sweater into a dress. Possibly leggings or jeans underneath and you are more than just streetworthy.

And if nothing helps - we will take your order back up to 14 days after receipt. Your next love story is sure to be waiting for you in our shop!